Monday, 25 June 2012

New In-App Purchase coming to Prismium!

In the next update to Prismium, another theme pack will become available for purchase. The Sunny Days theme pack will feature 20 kaleidoscopic wallpapers taken in the sunny outdoors. Look for this new theme pack in version 1.1.2. I'll post again when the update goes live. Thanks for reading!

My first post as new contributor for the iOS Blog

I am now a contributing member of the iOS Blog! Check out my first post: Thanks for reading!

Friday, 15 June 2012

TravelSpeakr Weekend Sale!

TravelSpeakr for iPad, and TravelSpeakr for Mac will be on sale till Monday! Don't miss this opportunity to download an amazing travel app, at an awesome price! What are you waiting for, hit the Mac App Store and iOS App Store today! Edit: Now continuing on till June 23rd!

Thursday, 14 June 2012

What Mountain Lion means...

With the upcoming Mac OS X update, Mountain Lion, the Mac will receive tight integration with Twitter and Facebook. What this means for Hanley Solid Solutions is that some of my Mac apps (the ones that make sense) will receive updates allowing relevant content to shared via Twitter or Facebook.  Unlike iOS 6, Mountain Lion is coming sooner, in July. So stay tuned for Facebook/Twitter updates to some of my Mac apps after the final release of Mountain Lion. Thanks for reading!

What iOS 6 means...

For Hanley Solid Solutions, iOS 6 means the addition of Facebook integration into many of my apps. This I think, will be a very popular feature of the upcoming OS update, and I think a lot of my users will enjoy posting things to Facebook right from within my apps. Look for Facebook integration updates after the final release of iOS 6 in the Fall!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Tuneful Tiger for Mac: Next Update

The next update that will come out for Tuneful Tiger on the Mac will add iCloud synchronization, meaning all your copies of Tuneful Tiger for Mac, Tuneful Tiger HD for iPad, and Tuneful Tiger for iPhone and iPod touch will keep all data seamlessly synchronized between all devices. Look for the addition of iCloud in version 1.0.2!

TravelXpensr: Just got a little better!

TravelXpensr's update to version 1.0.1 is now out and ready for download on the App Store. This adds two more additional fields, that make all your travel logs slightly more personal and relevant to your individual travel experiences. That's what TravelXpensr is all about... Tracking travel expenses while also adding that personal touch... Your individual memories about a trip!

Status Update: ReNumberIT 1.1.0

I have finally figured out how to add Game Center achievements into ReNumberIT! The next thing is to finalize all the achievements (instead of just test achievements),  add them into ReNumberIT's code, and then do a final test run to ensure all achievements are achievable. After that, it will then be a matter of the typical submission / approval process. So that's where I am at as far as ReNumberIT's next major update. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more status updates as I reach the big milestones!

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Monday, 4 June 2012

Second language pack released for Tuneful Tiger

Version 1.3.3 added Spanish language support to Tuneful Tiger for iPhone and iPod touch. Now Tuneful Tiger has an even broader appeal, and is better tailored for more international users. More language updates are still to come!

Tuneful Tiger HD Refreshed!

Version 1.3.0 is now out and brings with it a vastly improved user interface. It has taken some design cues from the Mac version as well as the iPhone/iPod touch version. One of the more exciting aspects about this new interface is how much easier it will be for me to introduce new languages in future updates. If you haven't downloaded your free update already, fire up the App Store on your iPad and get it now, to start enjoying a better music hunting experience on iPad!