Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Apptical Albatross Overhaul!

If you have been following my Twitter feed, you'll know that I have been working on a fairly large update for Apptical Albatross for the iPhone and iPod touch.

If you don't follow my Twitter feed, you know now!

This update will primarily focus on improving efficiency, polishing the user interface, and setting the stage for exciting new feature additions in the future.

I'll post again when the update goes live on the App Store.

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Tuneful Tiger 1.4.2 (Demo Video!)

The latest update for Tuneful Tiger on iPhone and iPod touch is now live on the App Store!
Version 1.4.2 adds an amazing new feature - QuikPounce!

Now you can quickly and easily record up to 30 seconds of a song by pulling down on the main table. With this new feature, music tracking with Tuneful Tiger is about to become a whole lot easier!

As promised, since this update is now live, here is a demo video of Tuneful Tiger version 1.4.2:

What a milestone!

YWA Calculator for Mac has reached a new level of popularity!

It now has rankings for a total of 39 countries simultaneously!

Out of those rankings, it has managed to reach the number 2 spot for top free Education apps in Columbia!

Thanks everyone for downloading and making YWA Calculator a hit!

TravelXpensr for Mac Update 1.0.1

TravelXpensr for Mac has received a small update, to version 1.0.1.

This version adds something that I think a lot of users were holding out for... OS X 10.7 Lion compatibility.

Now, not only does it work with Mountain Lion's sharing capabilities, but it now works great on Lion as well, enabling users who can't or don't want to upgrade to Mountain Lion to use TravelXpensr.

If you haven't already, check the Mac App Store for your free update. If you don't have TravelXpensr yet, check it out on the Mac App Store now!

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Once Again!

Right after releasing TravelXpensr for Mac not too long ago, I'm already well on my way on my next Mac app offering!

This app is one that will take full advantage of one of Mountain Lion's key features. If everything goes as planned, this Mac app will be a revolution for an app of its category. It will just make sense when you see it in action. You may even wonder why it had never even been thought of before

I'll post again once this application goes live on the Mac App Store.

Thanks for reading!