Saturday, 28 May 2011

Live! (x2)

Another update to YWA Calculator is now live, and ready for downloading. This update adds language support for Spanish, and now also makes it so that all your entered values get saved effortlessly after you hit the calculate button, even well after you have closed the app and stopped it from running in the background.

In a bigger "update" , my second application, Tuneful Tiger, was accepted and posted to the App Store. Tuneful Tiger sets out to make the hunt for musical prey less of a daunting task. It provides a streamlined process for recording a song's information after you hear it on the radio for example, so that when you get back to your computer, you'll be able to easily track it down for purchase. It also allows you to get your friends interested in your pursuits as well, with an easy to use email button located on each song's info page. At just 99 cents, and consistent updates in the future bringing new features and funtionality, Tuneful Tiger makes a great companion for anyone passionate about music, who seems to have a never-ending music library.

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