Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Introducing, TravelSpeakr for iPad!

Remember that hint I gave about my first iPad app? Well, wonder no more. It's now on the App Store! TravelSpeakr is an app for the iPad that makes it extremely easy to keep your friends and family up to date on where you are on a trip. There are three main pages in the app. One for Overnight stop update, one for a day rest stop update, and one for updating when you get to the final destination. Each page contains a variety of text fields asking for relevant information that pertains to the specific phase of your trip. Also on each page, are 3 areas set aside to allow for 3 unique photos of your choice from your iPad's built in photo library. Want to add an extra personal touch to your trip update? You can also record an audio message. When you're all done, just hit the "Email" button, and automatically, TravelSpeakr formats all the inputted information, photos, and audio message into a friendly and detailed trip update. It really helps to make it so you spend more time enjoying your trip, instead of worrying about what you should send to friends and family!

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