Monday, 22 August 2011

Please feel free to comment!

Please don't hesitate any degree to comment on any of my posts. Feedback is the best bridge between an independent developer and the customers (or any type of developer for that matter). Also, as a little side note, please leave ratings and comments for any apps that you have downloaded and found to be useful. Heck, even if there's something that needs improving, leave a rating and comment!

It helps me to make improvements either way. As it stands now, the App Store only shows an app has ratings when the number of ratings reaches a certain amount. So the more ratings I get, the more recognition I get, which in turn helps me to come up with many more new ideas for exciting apps and app updates. Thanks for reading!

Stay tuned as always for updates about all new apps and app updates. For a more instant way to keep updated, follow me on Twitter (username: HanleySolidSlns).

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