Monday, 20 August 2012

Status Update...

Just wanted to give an update for the status of various apps and app updates:

Tuneful Tiger HD 1.3.2 has been submitted for approval. This version is the first in a series of language packs for the iPad version of Tuneful Tiger. In particular, this adds French language support.

Tuneful Tiger 1.3.5 has been submitted for approval. This version adds German language support to the list of supported languages for this app.

Cinematic Cheetah 1.3.1 is well underway. This long overdue update will add more language support. This update will specifically add French.

YWA Calculator HD 1.2.0 is nearly complete. It will feature a brand new user interface similar to the Mac version of YWA Calculator, making for an even more elegant and simplistic experience.

YWA Calculator for Mac version 1.0.5 has been submitted, and is waiting for review. This will add another language, Spanish.

TravelSpeakr 1.0.1 for Mac is in progress. This will fix bugs brought about from upgrading to Mountain Lion, as well as add the ability to detect your current location.

On both platforms, two new apps are at different stages. On iOS, a new app is still being worked on, but is nearing completion. On Mac OS, a new app is only waiting for approval. Of course, I'll post when these new apps go live.

So that's an update on where Hanley Solid Solutions is at right now. Thanks for reading!

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