Monday, 6 May 2013

Kindly For Mac

It's been a few days since it has been released on the Mac App Store, but I figured I'd give a formal introduction here on this blog, for my newest addition to my Mac app offerings.

Kindly is a new take on reminder applications. It makes adding new reminders an easy task. No longer do you have to figure out the ideal amount of times to be reminded for a given event. Based on how many days away a newly added reminder's event is, Kindly intelligently determines the ideal amount of times to remind you. No need to manually select the number of times to be reminded.

Kindly also keeps a list of all your completed reminders, and if the list gets too full for your liking, you can easily delete all the past entries.

Kindly was also built to take advantage of Mountain Lion's Notification Center from day one, using it to display confirmation that a new reminder was scheduled, as well as displaying reminders themselves.

Kindly - The kinder reminder app!
Check it out on the Mac App Store today!

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