Thursday, 18 October 2012

Prismium for Mac... Big Shakeup!

I am well aware that some of you may have downloaded Prismium for the Mac, expecting something more than what it actually is in its current state.

That is a more than reasonable reaction. When you are paying money for something that you think will be one thing, but turns out to be another, it can be disappointing.

I also realize however, that some of you got exactly what you expected when buying Prismium, most likely because you may have used the iOS version at some point.

Regardless, I am beginning work on a fairly sizeable update to the Mac version of Prismium. It will center more on creation than pre-made images.

Basically, the new update will allow you to use your own images, and make them into extremely personal kaleidoscopic wallpapers for your Mac.

The question may arise... Why do such a drastic change to the way Prismium fundamentally functions? The answer is simple... I always had wanted to implement Prismium in a way that allowed for user created kaleidoscopes, but up until recently, I had no knowledge of how to do so.

Now that I know how to do such thing, Prismium will ultimately become a better app. So hang in there... Prismium is about to get a major facelift on the Mac!

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