Friday, 23 November 2012

Prismium for iOS... Shakeup #2

Just like Prismium on the Mac, I am hoping to add the ability to create your own kaleidoscopes to the iOS version of Prismium.

Also like on the Mac, I will be doing a large visual overhaul to the iOS version. By the time I finish the update for the iOS version, the two versions of the app will hopefully share similar visual appearances.

So that's yet another future project in the beginning stages for Hanley Solid Solutions. If you've been following this blog or my Twitter feed at all lately, you've probably realized I haven't released a new app for sometime.

This is because I feel this year I should dedicate some extra time to refining and perfecting my existing catalogue of available apps. Call it cleaning, arranging, and polishing if you will.

An example of this would be the recent update to Tuneful Tiger, version 1.4.0. It brought along a simplified user interface, cleaned some things up a bit, and really refined the overall feel of the app as far as consistency and fluidity goes.

Thanks for reading!

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