Tuesday, 31 January 2012

All about speed!

I will be releasing a few updates in the near future (not sure how many in total exactly), that will be focused on improving the performance of Simul-Search +. For those of you that don't know what simul-search + is, it is my multi-engine web search app, that allows you to search across 4 different popular search sites, with one search bar alone. It is quite the handy app for those that do a lot of research and have to compare results from multiple searches to see which source is best to use in say a report. However, it still lags a little bit in the area concerning speed / performance. That is why I will be reworking this application, to bring it up to its full potential. I'm doing this in small steps in order to make the transition easier for you the user. Thanks for your understanding and patience! I'll do a new blog post when each new update for this app gets released. Stay tuned!

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