Saturday, 21 January 2012

Visually Uplifting

Not sure if any of you YWA Calculator users have noticed or not (I'm sure you have), but I have been slowly updating the look and feel for both YWA Calculator and YWA Calculator HD. YWA Calculator for the iPhone + iPod touch has already received it's new launch image, while YWA Calculator is getting an update in the near future to bring it a similar looking launch image. In previous updates, both got a new set of background images to replace the old stock black background. The next natural flow is to update both app's icons. Once that is complete, my two oldest apps will have transitioned into more visually up to date entities. Don't worry though, with this transition, the user experience will still be the one you have come to know and enjoy.

These two apps are what have essentially been my introductory apps to new customers, so I feel that it's only appropriate to show them some attention. They introduce customers to my other apps, and thus are a key part of  Hanley Solid Solutions beginnings. Stay tuned to this blog, as well as my Twitter feed! I'll post again when the YWA Calculator HD update goes live, and when the icon updates are coming.

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