Saturday, 21 January 2012

Trying to sell textbooks, students?

Been there, done that. The task of selling textbooks is not an easy one. You want to get as much money back for them as possible, and get rid of them as soon as possible. Yet, many university bookstores that offer to sell them for you take large cuts. Even other outlets that offer to buy back your books may not pay as much as you would have liked. That's why I created BookBasketer. It attempts to change all the norms when it comes to selling textbooks. Instead of selling through a retailer, or participating in a buy back program, why not sell to your peers? Not only are you likely to have more wiggle room for bargaining your prices, but you would also be helping out your academic equals. They would be getting a textbook for cheaper than full price, and you would be getting a reasonable amount of money back relative to what you originally spent on the book. It's a win win situation! So, if you're ready to give a kick to the old way of selling textbooks, check out BookBasketer for iPhone + iPod touch, only on the App Store.

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