Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Tuneful Tiger 1.2.0: Features

So what's new in this version of Tuneful Tiger? The main addition is the ability to search for a song on the built in iTunes music store. Currently it searches by song name only, but in a future update, you will be able to search by either the song name, artist name, or album name.

One thing that's sort of related to this update but sort of not is what is next in the very near future in terms of an update for Tuneful Tiger. In version 1.2.1, I will be adding iCloud syncing functionality. What this means is that if you have Tuneful Tiger running on say an iPod touch, and also on your iPhone, you will be able to enter the information for a song on one device, and have it automatically update itself onto the other device. Look for this to arrive very soon! Stay tuned!

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